Not self, but selves

The concept of an ego (and getting rid of one) is widely used in our world, but is really inaccurate. Like it or not, every human has a personality. Your personality is made up of many different selves that come online in relationship to circumstance as you go through your day. You are not only an individual human being, you are a tribe of selves, and I call them ‘parts’.

You will have friendly, beneficent, spiritual, and incredibly useful parts, and equally you will have some dysfunctional, traumatized, and child-minded parts.
Start to pay attention and you will see that each part is a full-body experience. Each has it’s own attitude, desires and thoughts, bodily expression, feelings, and more… and these are it’s scripts. Your parts make up you as a person, and so compassion begins with accepting all the characters inside you. Freedom though, is to become conscious of your parts as they rise and subside, and to master who you are moment to moment.


Mastery begins with learning to observe and map a part’s scripts by locating in the seer. From here you can investigate what a part really needs and is trying to accomplish. You can study the way a part coerces you into it’s reality, and find a way to free yourself from it. All this takes time, training, and discipline.
A simple observation practice that you can begin with, is to look for the difference in who you are when with others, with who you are when alone. Or perhaps who you are when angry, with who you are when feeling spiritual. Become mindful and conscious of your behavior, body, thoughts, and feelings throughout your day, and you will begin identifying your differing parts and their scripts.