Untangle yourself


The real choice we have is where we place our energy and self: what part of our current experience is activated. To do this effectively we need to empower our seeing.
You can locate in the seer at any time and look at what is happening in you. What are you thinking or feeling? Where have you been located? Is there a noticeable mood or attitude in your experience? Are you energizing a belief system in this moment? What is in your senses? … a touch, a taste, a scent?
Or perhaps nothing is happening inside, and you are just quietly aware?
Try looking back through some of your life memories. The amazing thing is that not only are you presently aware of past experience, but the seer was also there while it was happening.
Can you see the different ‘selves’ you have played through time?
What about the self you are playing now?
You can be alert and aware now, prior to the attitudes and selves that you play. It is important to see though, that you are not just a distant witness, you are the participant of your moment to moment behavior.


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“Toby consistently knows exactly where I am, where I want to go, and the proper questions to ask in order to get me to the peaceful space beyond my thoughts.”
              - Justine