What is really going here?



Regardless of what is happening, reality is, in each moment just exactly as it is. It cannot be other. This includes your body senses, thoughts, emotions, and awareness/intuition – they appear choicelessly and thus are also exactly in the state that they are at any time. In fact, for each human being, all of the above are reality. It does all seem rather obvious, but non-acceptance of these basic facts are a human norm, and the source of a great amount of stress.
Your sense of self (I, me, being) migrates through these four locations of experience: body senses, emotions, thinking, and awareness. Rather than being a continuous stream or a permanent entity, self appears now, now, now, again, again, again… location to location. The continuity we tend to assume of ourself is a habitual illusion. To see and explore this may take some time, there can be a lot to untangle.
There is also a fifth location: you can be the seer/knower of your present experience. Here you can see the information in your four locations of experience. You can see too your behavior, parts, and actions, and you can see your perspectives and how they impact your experience. As the seer you take charge of where in your experience your energy flows: where you locate your self.

Can you see your sense of self now? Where has it been located?

I encourage you to become the seer and use your power to untangle your personality, wounds, and beliefs. You are an individual human being, explore consciousness, deepen in peace, and if you would like some guidance feel free to contact me.




“The experience of total presence is palpable with Toby, and my time with him has been transformational. As I notice myself being more present and peaceful in the midst of stressful situations, I smile inwardly to myself, and to Toby in gratitude.”
              - Andrew