I recommend these as ongoing practices:
Commitment to regular session time:
I work with many people around the world and see the deepest transformation and new clarity in those that I meet with most regularly.
Meditation is simply sitting quietly doing nothing. Find a comfortable position in which to sit, commit to a period of time, and close your eyes. Relax your breathing. See what is happening in you, it could be thoughts, imagination, feelings, or even discomfort, and allow it all, but don’t get too involved in it. Relax, see the transience of inner experience, and let it all come and go in it’s own way. It’s all ok, don’t change anything, just watch and relax.
Anything from 10 to 45 minutes in a sitting, 4 or 5 times a week, in my opinion is a good practice.
Self inquiry:
This world, and your persona are full of misassumptions and bogus beliefs. Become a lover of truth and deconstruct your inner world and the things you assume to be yourself. These questions are useful beginnings:
“What am I?”
“What is this?”
“Is this true?”
Conscious relating practice:
Sharing with others really honestly what is going on in your inner world is so valuable. It is important in this that you are supported and encouraged to reveal the deepest truth of your current inner state.
I like to recommend an organization called Circling Europe. The circling practice focuses on conscious relating as part of a group, and has been really helpful for myself and many people that I work with. They hold retreats all over the world, in some of which I help out, and they also have an online platform called Circle Anywhere, on which groups meet most days.
For one-on-one conscious relating practice, I recommend discovery sessions with my wife, Shara. Shara works closely with Circling Europe, and is really skilled in helping you to reveal the things you hide from yourself, and in encouraging you to be as honest as you can.