I don’t see that karma exists. But I do see that the emotional energy in your parts seems to attract life circumstances and thus life stories.
Your body is able to process emotional energy without it taking over your behavior.

Most people seem not to process emotional energy simply because they never knew they could. They are a hostage as it expresses itself outwards and dictates their life story, or they hide it, compressing it away into the body and creating stress. It is up to you then to determine which emotional energy is useful and fun to express, and to learn to process what isn’t. Like any new muscle this ability will need exercise, and may seem difficult at first, but with time processing emotional energy will seem quite natural.
Begin by noticing when emotional energy is building and is beginning to direct your actions, your expression, and STOP. STOP.
Breathe deeply all the way down until your belly expands, and hold the energy within you.

Notice where it feels strongest in your body and breathe there with an attitude of nurture. Use your breath to massage the tension. Notice the charge in your nervous system, the accompanying thought story, and the impulse to act. Notice, but do nothing.
Stay where you are. Encourage the energy to be totally within you, bring it as close as you can, and breathe. It can feel like torture at first, the not acting can build into an impulse to explode. But do not act, keep breathing deeply.
Sometimes your body can process the energy just by staying where you are, allowing it to be, and by breathing. At other times you will need to release the energy in a healthy way. In this case you can shake and shout to the sky, you could do some exercise or go for a walk, or you could consciously talk it out with someone. Just don’t forget to breathe deeply. Do not act from the suggestions of the thought story. With each breath your body processes this energy, releasing and redistributing the energy into healthy presence.
Exercise this again and again, this is your power to become free. This is the gift of the body, and your capacity to process without going into action will surprise you.

Exhausting “karma” right where you are is a great freedom.