Self-identity & identifying selves.

At any time a part can take command of your body, thoughts, and emotions, and direct your experience. Until you learn to recognize when this is happening, this part to part to part ‘me show’ is your life story.
Each part is a full-body experience revolving around an ‘I’ thought, and this ‘I’ is your identity for the part’s duration. Unless you are in the part conscious and aware, reality is interpreted by the part, and your actions will be according to that part’s program.
Something amazing that I have seen is that the past is interpreted differently by different parts. One part may remember something, while another may have no recollection, or it may have a different story for the same memory.
You become conscious of the different parts in you by carefully examining your ‘self’ experience, and by letting a part play enough times that you can familiarize with the characteristics and script, and the impulse and flavor in your body. Look too at the central ‘I’ thought and the following thought scripts (or loops).
You will begin to find that you have a choice in giving permission for the part to launch or not. Dysfunctional and irrational parts can be turned away at the point you recognize their approach (the dis-arming is a time-out period, in which the part’s energy charge is deeply felt & processed in your body), and useful and enjoyable parts can be given a thumbs up.
Here are some common themes to look into and discover your-selves:
Interpretation of past
Future desires
Reality/world view
Comforts and preferences
Expectations from others
Emotional sensitivity and intensity
Style and tone of speech
Posture and body language
Physical energy levels
Quality of body sensations

The qualities present in each part we can call scripts. As you become conscious of the scripts, you can check in at any time to see who is in your director’s chair.
Become aware, stand outside your scripts…

This may seem similar to a ‘sub-personalities’ system, but you can see that there are no sub-parts, as there is no primary part. There are just more or less habitual parts. Any part can be active at any time (and for any length of time), playing ‘you’, with or without your awareness. I love to see and bring attention to this in relationship; to see the parts in the other changing, and become conscious of who shows up in me as a response, and vice versa.