Heart Breath



  • Sit comfortably somewhere quiet and relax your breath.

  • Let your muscles and body sink into the seat, and close your eyes.

  • See the movement of thoughts… allow it and relax.

  • You are simply perceiving what is here now, not sticking to (or rejecting) anything, inside or out.

  • Feel your breath drawing in and filling your chest, and leaving again as your chest falls.

  • Notice that all sensations rise and fall in the present moment.

  • After a few minutes, begin to guide each in-breath into the heart space in the center of your chest.

  • Now exhale and release without force, noticing the breath spreading life and nourishment into your body.

  • Breathe into the heart space again, and out, noticing your being opening.
    Continue this practice by repeating the last three steps for as long as you feel is beneficial, and don’t worry if your attention strays, just notice it and return to the heart breath again. Let go…