What can you really know, now?

I say honestly not much, and that is a good thing. So much of the material in your psyche is little more than space filling, stuffing that has no reality in the present, and that stuffing is belief. Energizing beliefs may give a sense of wisdom, security, power, or accomplishment… but look deeply, belief is phony.
Look even more deeply and you may find that you are holding onto realizations that also have passed; they were real at one point in time, but no longer live in the present without you replaying them. They too have now become beliefs, and they are now also phony. This is really powerful to see: that the past and all it’s realizations are gone, there is only the present reality, which could give rise to anything, perhaps a realization that nullifies the past and everything you ever thought or believed entirely. And even what you make of this would be superfluous.
To be present is to not know, and to be released from having to. If you can see this clearly, you can let go. This let go, this freefall in the unknown, in my opinion is the essence of being awake.