As far as I can see, feelings become emotions when there is some attachment in you, and this is felt as the energy charge in your body that makes it difficult to let go. That is ok, be kind – what is in you is in you, but this charge triggers an intensity in thoughts (usually an uncomfortable whirlwind of non-acceptance) and you will find yourself stuck in this mental story until the charge is processed and released. This is the time to stop listening to the story in your head, and get in touch with the deepest feeling in you. As you get closer, ask the feeling to reveal itself in your awareness, and do your best to allow all that comes up to be ok, whatever it is. Breathe and process the charge (for a guide to processing click here).
Once the charge has moved, everything in you will quieten down, you can be present with your experience, and actually find value and joy in the feelings you are having.

If you would like some help with this, feel free to contact me about some session time.