Awake without foreknowledge

After a breakdown in my twenties, I found myself in and merged with what I described as inner space. At the time I knew very little about what had happened, and was utterly lost but joyously free all at once. This transition has taken many years to assimilate and get an understanding of, and a lot of this time was finding out what enlightenment isn’t.
I have been bound to the present moment since this happened, and become more and more aware of what is happening in and around me everyday. As space has expanded inside me, my system has become highly sensitive, and deep beliefs and attachments become very clear to see and neutralize. This process has not been entirely autonomous or by grace, it was fueled by an incessant compulsion to clean up my inner world.
6 years on I continue to experience myself as an expanse of inner space, and simultaneously this man, in a beautiful world. I am happily married and share my time giving guidance to people all over the globe, enjoying life with my wife, and working quietly as a mailman. Peace and contentment permeate all, and it is delightful.