After a ‘nervous breakdown’ in my twenties, I found myself awake, conscious and in what I often describe as inner space. This state was somewhat familiar from my meditation practice, but it was now permanent.
This shift has taken many years to get an understanding of, and in one way to assimilate, and in another to let go as completely as each moment allows. This conscious space has expanded, seemingly becoming indistinct from the space in all forms. But then with deeper insight… I can’t know anything ultimate or spiritual about reality, only that all I experience as reality appears on my own consciousness. Seeing that there is no ultimate truth, only subjective projections, it has been important to neutralize the dominion of my parts and their perspectives.
I experience myself as consciousness, space, and simultaneously this man in a beautiful world. I give guidance to people around the globe, and the rest of the time I am appreciating life with my wife here in the quiet scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Peace permeates all, and it is delightful.