One of the most noticeable characteristics of a part is attitude. An attitude is like a lens which colors what you see and experience, and often frames your identity. Your lens could be moral, political or religious, or it could be a romantic mood or aggressive stance for instance. Spiritually speaking your lens could be oneness or unconditional love.
Instead of seeing ‘through’ the lens however, can you see the lens itself? It is better to be aware of the lens, and aware of the active part, than to be an unconscious participant. This way you can check if the part is honest and able to get your needs met effectively.
Instead of functioning with awareness and presence, when in a part you tend to unconsciously act out scripts of past attitudes and material, and seek others to reinforce them. With awareness you can be in realtime relationship with the present, and able to master your parts and uncover your real needs.
To gain mastery you will need to find out what parts are in you and what they are trying to ‘help’ you with, and you will need to learn to process emotional energy – your parts use emotional charge to get power over you and convince you to let them run your show. The work is to recognize present emotional charge and process it, instead of letting the part take you for a ride.
Through all this, the important thing in the long run is getting your parts out of your directors chair by letting go of your identity in them, and empowering the seer.