Allowing yourself to be totally human can be frightening when there is unresolved emotional pain in you.
Many awakeners are identifying exclusively with awareness and rejecting their human content. This is an escape from suffering, but not a resolution, and comes at the cost of losing much sweetness. I have seen fragile new identities as ‘awakeness’, or ‘no-me’, masking deep pain… it seems that awareness can be used to bypass the human experience.
There is much resolution to occur in the heart and body in deep awakening. Becoming consciously human is such a tender experience, there is so much feeling, and so much love to share in.
Consciousness includes experience: body senses, thought, and emotions; this is an inclusive and intimate reality. You no longer need to be a hostage to emotion as it can not define you, and so can be healed (resolved) and valued in your experience.
It is unresolved fear that seeks to avoid being human and abide in spiritual states. Consciousness releases fear and transforms the inner mess into love. You are a unique expression of life, not a mistake.