Words are useful for making space inside,
but don’t miss the space for the words



My work and this website are a support for those of you in the awakening process, those of you moved by or simply interested in it, and for those of you who want to have a closer look at what is really going on here – in this experience we call life, and this experience we call ‘me’.
Have a look around, and I’m here if you would like some guidance in discovering the space and silence inside. I give online one to one and group session time, sharing for me is a joy, as is aiding others interested in opening their inner space.
If you want to talk, or have a question that I can answer, feel free to send me an email…




“Toby provides a level of clarity. A simple redirection back to ‘what is’. It is always a pleasure and I am grateful.”
              - Jenny

 “The space in me IS me” …thats the truth that arises being with Toby. Through repeated exposure to the space in him, I realize that that is me too. When I forget that I am the space, living becomes hard…. like a water dam, if I forget my natural state, the flow stops, and suffering happens. When we are not in space it feels like its me against life, but in space it seems as life is happening and I’m not in control (although it appears that I am). The outcome of my choices are totally out of my control, but I can select from whats here… now. Feeling so much gratitude and reverence for having the opportunity to work with him”
              - Tataya

 “I treasure my time with Toby. The focus is consciousness, and the simplicity and lack of artifice that he brings to each session are of pure presence. His insights are clear and potent. He doesn’t pull punches with what he sees as false, yet the effect is a more warm embrace of what’s true. His support and guidance have been invaluable to me.”
              - Valerie

 “Toby is a Master. He helps us remember that everything is perfect in and of itself. That beauty lies, not only in white, but in the play of black and white. Thank you Toby.”
              - Tomas