Getting conscious, waking up, enlightenment…


All maps to consciousness are maps of the human condition. Over many years I studied more maps than I can remember, often in an attempt to gain a superhuman state, or to mold my personality to some spiritual ideal or another that promised relief from unhappiness.
Eventually I was forced to actually look at what was happening inside me, and in this I woke up and discovered the enlightened space, which I call live perception. Here we are totally liberated, and yet amazingly, liberation endlessly opens as we find the limiting conditions in us as humans. This website is here to share what I have found, and to offer coaching to help you too discover the freedom of live perception.


You can exist in two possible locations:
The first is live perception.

Live perception is your pure being. You are present and alive, aware of thoughts and feelings as they happen, freed of identity and current with the information in your senses. Live perception is the luxury way to live.
The second location is your part.

Your character is a tribe of many parts that personify you. Each part has it’s own attitude, behavior, desires, worldview, and set of feelings. A part can be launched in awareness and used to enjoy life, or a part can launch itself without your awareness. When this happens you become identified as the part, and hostage to its script. This seems the most common state of people, from the most spiritual to the most worldly.
The work of waking up is to identify your parts, understand and heal your inner world, and master live perception.


I give discovery and awakening sessions online and by phone.

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I treasure my time with Toby. The focus is consciousness, and the simplicity and lack of artifice that he brings to each session are of pure presence. His insights are clear and potent. He doesn’t pull punches with what he sees as false, yet the effect is a more warm embrace of what’s true. His support and guidance have been invaluable to me.

              - Valerie Daniel

Toby’s presence brings you back to who you truly are. His eyes confirm that there is only love, and space. Every encounter is a blessing.

              - Julia Otilia