Consciousness and Awakening


The journey of the seeker ends with arrival in the here and now, recognizing that the ultimate knowledge is just that you are a viewpoint of perception and an individual human being. Little can be known for sure about spiritual matters, and there isn’t a self (small or big S) to permanently realize; perception is in movement, your point of focus always changing, and the world experienced moment to moment.

You are here, now and aware. Thoughts and feelings spontaneously appear, and without your fixation, pass again in the flow of your inner experience. Be present with the information in your senses, and look for yourself if there is any knowledge greater than awareness in this moment, and the next, and the next.
Your personality appears as a tribe of many parts, each with your name. You can have friendly and beneficent parts, you can have dysfunctional and maleficent parts, and anything in between. Each part has it’s own attitude, behavior, desires, worldview, and feelings, and one part or another is needed to be in relationship with the world.
A part can be active with awareness and taken lightly, to enjoy and fulfill the practicalities of life, or a part can launch itself without awareness. When this happens it becomes your identity, as it plays out its script. This seems to me the most common state of people, from the most spiritual to the most worldly.

Contrary to the fantasy upheld by guru culture, awakening does not make you into a superhero, nor a spiritual master. It actually reveals what little you know beyond the present moment, and so I prefer the term arrival, I find it less pretentious.
With arrival, my life became underwritten with peace and a loving acceptance that seems endlessly to open as I continue to discover old limiting conditions in me as a man. It is a heartfelt joy for me to share this peace, and so I work to guide others into acceptance and arrival in the here and now. This website is here to share some of the wisdom I have found, and to offer you my one on one guidance.


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“Toby provides a level of clarity. A simple redirection back to ‘what is’- that alive presence in all. It is always a pleasure and I am grateful.”
              - Jenny

 “I treasure my time with Toby. The focus is consciousness, and the simplicity and lack of artifice that he brings to each session are of pure presence. His insights are clear and potent. He doesn’t pull punches with what he sees as false, yet the effect is a more warm embrace of what’s true. His support and guidance have been invaluable to me.”
              - Valerie

 “Toby is a Master. He helps us remember that everything is perfect in and of itself. That beauty lies, not only in white, but in the play of black and white. Thank you Toby.”
              - Tomas